Bangs Labs product focus



Bangs Labs. supply a variety of magnetic microspheres for a range purification protocols. When used with a BioMag® separator, desired cell types can be separated from a mixture of cells easily and with minimal cellular stress.

The BioMag® product range consists of simple unconjugated BioMag® particles. Also available are BioMag® particles conjugated with different antibodies including Goat anti-Human IgG and IgM. Finally BioMag® SelectaPure particles are available conjugated to a range of anti-Human Leukocyte particles including BioMag® anti-Human CD4, CD8 and CD11b.

Bangs Labs. also offer other magnetic beads included in the ProMag and COMPEL ranges.
SNARe™ - Simple Nucleic Acid Recovery

SNARe kits offered by Polysciences are designed for prompt, cost-effective and clear isolation of DNA. There are three SNARe™ kits available, each optimised for a specific type of DNA purification. These are SNARe™ Genomic DNA purification systems, SNARe™ Plasmid DNA purification system and SNARe™ Genomic DNA purification system. Advantages of the SNARe™ system include elimination of the use of toxic substances such as phenol or chloroform and the requirement for columns or filters. The SNARe™ purification system also renders the DNA immediately available for PCR

Products for Flow Cytometry – Compensation Standards

Bangs Labs. have a very wide range of products for flow cytometry. Bangs Labs. flow cytometry products are optimised purely for true calibration and data collection. One example is the compensation standards kits which are designed to help calibrate the flow cytometer for spectral overlap of fluorescence between FITC and PE. The kit consists of four bead populations, a blank population, a population conjugated only with FITC, a population conjugated only with PE and a finally a bead population conjugated with both FITC and PE.

Other products for flow cytometry include Quantum MESF and QuantumPlex kits.