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Peel-A-Way Molds - Free Sample kit - October 2012

October sees us start our offer for a free Peel-A-Way Embedding Molds sample kit*. These are a simple but useful product for anyone embedding with paraffin, plastic, epoxy and acrylic resin. The unique polyethylene construction is designed to "Peel-A-Way" from the solidified block, eliminating the need for release agents and block trimming. Peel-A-Way molds are also useful for use with frozen specimens where defrosting during transfer to cryostat chuck is an issue as they allow the specimen to freeze to the chuck without defrosting the base. These are available in a range of shapes and sizes: (18985) Truncated - 22mm x 22mm square to 8mm x 8mm square, 20mm deep; (18986) Truncated - 22mm x 22mm square truncated to 12mm x 12mm square, 20mm deep; (18646A) Square - S22, 22mm x 22mm square x 20mm deep; (18646B) Rectangular - R30, 22mm wide x 30mm long x 20mm deep; (18646C) Rectangular - R40, 22mm wide x 40mm long x 20mm deep. Each of these are normally supplied in a case of 288 molds however if you would like to try these our we can send you a free sample kit containing 4 of each type of mold*, please contact us and ask for a Peel-A-Way Sample Kit. (*Offer can be withdrawn at any time our of choosing without prior notice. The offer is only available to customers in the UK and Ireland. Each department is limited to one sample only. We reserve the right to refuse to send a sample without reason.)

European Microscopy Congress - September 2012

The main subject of our focus this month was the European Microscopy Congress in Manchester. This was a weeklong meeting at Manchester Central with over 3,000 attendees focusing on every type of microscopy. This gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the wide range of products offered by Polysciences; including high quality specimen grids available with a range of coating including copper, gold and nickel (3.05 mm diameter), BEEM embedding capsules and solvents such as EM grade Glutaraldehyde. We also displayed our range of fluorescent microspheres and flow cytometry products alongside products for histological embedding. This meeting was extremely well coordinated and we would like to thank the organisers for the Royal Microscopy Society (RMS) for all their hard work.

Product highlight: StarLight™ Calibration slides - August 2012

Polysciences have launched a new product to make calibrating your fluorescence microscope easier. Just place the re-usable microscope slide onto your setup and optimise your filter settings. The new StarLight™ calibration slides consist of a single population of ~6µm fluorescent microspheres with a single fluorophore. A full set contains four slides for setup of the common filter settings namely; Glacial Blue (360, 450), Dragon Green (480, 520), Envy Green (525, 565), and Flash Red (660, 690). If you are only using one of these filter settings then you can buy an individual slide (fluorophore population). The Polyscience catalogue number for the full set is 25445-1. For more information please contact us.

Embedding kit re-cap - July 2012

Polysciences offer a wide range of embedding kits mainly designed for histological applications. The most popular kit is the JB-4 kit (226-1) as it produces a higher level of morphological detail than paraffin processed tissues and sections can be cut as thin as 0.5 microns. Also the protocol for embedding with the JB-4 kit does not require dehydration into absolute alcohol. However, Polysciences also offer a Batson’s No.17 Plastic Replica and Corrosion Kit (07349-1) for production of exact specimens for anatomical study; Osteo-Bed Bone Embedding Kit (17734-1) for embedding large and small undecalcified bone specimens; Immuno-Bed Kit (17324-1) for samples to be investigated by immunohistochemical techniques once embedded. Finally Polysciences also supply a variety of Lowicryl kits for low-temperature embedding.

Park Scientific Limited website indexed by Google - June 2012

After a short period from going live the new website has now been indexed by Google. The upshot of this is that when you ‘Google’ "Polysciences" we currently appear on the first page of search returns. We are sorry for any inconvenience or confusion during the switch over. However, as we are now up fully operational we hope all the Polysciences information you require is easily available. If there is anything you can’t find please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your questions.

Park Scientific Limited’s new website goes live - May 2012

The launch of the new Park Scientific Limited website sees in the inception of a new Park Scientific partners section. This is where the information for Polysciences’ and Bangs labs products will be located. The PDF price-lists will once again be available alongside the familiar links to relevant website and product focus pages. We hope you like the new layout.