Polysciences' product focus


JB-4 embedding kits

JB-4 embedding kits provide quick and easy production of good histological sections. JB-4 embedding kits are a popular method of tissue embedding because the protocol usually does not require the specimen to be completely dehydrated. Tissue embedded in JB-4 can be cut to sections of 0.5 to 3.0µm or thicker.


Peel-a-way embedding moulds

Peel-a-way embedding moulds are ready to use straight from the box and simply peel a way once your embedding media has set. Peel-a-way embedding moulds are available in square, rectangular and truncated sizes


Fluoresbrite® Microsphere

Polysciences produce a wide range of fluorescent microspheres. The Fluoresbrite® range comes in four main colours: Yellow Green (YG), Yellow Orange (YO), Polychromatic Red (PC) and Bright Blue (BB). Fluoresbrite® beads are also available with a range of surface coating.


Formaldehyde, Ultra Pure, methanol free, EM grade

Two different concentrations of Formaldehyde are supplied by Polysciences. The 10% Formaldehyde is available in a 1L pack size. The 16% Formaldehyde is supplied in a 20 x 10ml pack.