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About Park Scientific Limited

Park Scientific has been supplying chemicals to the UK and beyond for over 30 years. We are based in Northampton, UK. This central location is ideal for receiving and dispatching deliveries to all parts of the UK and is close to all the major air, sea, rail, and road links for export contracts. We specialise in delivering bespoke tenders of laboratory chemicals to Universities, Hospitals, and Schools in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In our history, there are not many countries we have not delivered to.

Our experience puts us in an excellent position to offer a service that delivers your chemical requirements to your place in the world. This service starts with the formulation of a quote that meets your specific requirements offerings excellent quality reagents at very competitive prices. Following on from this, our specialist knowledge will advise the best packing solutions and mode of transport for delivery. Finally, we provide all the required documentation for transportation as part of the service.

We have built on our experience of laboratory chemicals and now also supply requirements for large quantities of individual products and bulk chemicals. The service we provide is just the same, guaranteeing high-quality products and competitive prices, packed and ready for export.

Park Scientific has been a UK distributor for Polysciences INC for 15 years. Polysciences offer a large product range of research chemicals, including Bioscience products, monomers & polymers, microsphere & particles and electronic materials. Over the years we have built up a good understanding of the Polysciences’ product range and offer rapid delivery for the most popular products. We also offer a route to technical information if required.

Furthermore, distributing for Polysciences’ facilitated the development of a complementary range of reagents from our own brand. Park Scientific now offer Bioscience research chemicals, including biochemicals, electrophoresis reagents, reagents & media for tissue culture and buffers, solutions and solvents. As well as a range of histology products including a large number of dyes and stains, embedding media and fixatives. These products are available to diagnostic and research institutions in the UK and represent excellent value and quality.

Park Scientific can supply the chemicals you require, packed for delivery wherever you need, at a competitive price.

Please Contact Us with your enquiries online, by phone, fax or e-mail.

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