Park Scientific offer two standard grades of chemicals and reagents:

Analytical reagent – A.R.

Analytical reagents are reagents suitable for analytical applications. The specifications stated in the product information is a minimum assay figure and maximum content of impurities. These may differ slightly between batches and will be clearly stated on the product label. Some A.R. grade reagents meet the requirement specifications of European Pharmacopeia (EP), British Pharmacopeia (BP) or United States Pharmacopeia (USP). These products can be designated with the relevant Pharmacopeia standard if required. (e.g. we can call them EP instead of AR)

General laboratory reagent – G.L.R.

General laboratory reagents are suitable for routine and general applications. The specifications indicate a minimum assay figure and maximum content of impurities. These may differ between batches and are clearly stated on the product label.

Other grades

Park Scientific can also supply higher purity, HPLC and specialist reagents including a range specifically designed for molecular biology, please contact us or send your enquiries via the tender request page.

Packaging quality:

Park Scientific use the highest quality packaging materials to maintain the integrity of our products. We supply materials in a variety of containers ranging from amber glass Winchester and plastic bottles to pails. These are normally packed in fibreboard boxes, which can either handled individually or easily stacked onto pallets. Park Scientific shipments are packed to high standards, complying with relevant regulations, to ensure your products reach their final destination in excellent condition.

Quality of service:

Park Scientific aim to respond to all enquiries in a timely fashion. We aim to arrange delivery within an acceptable time frame. We also aim to respond to any customer queries promptly. We have extensive experience of corresponding and coordinating with freight forwarders, airlines and shipping lines which we utilise to ensure punctual delivery of your project.


To reflect our dedication to quality we have been awarded the ISO:2008 accreditation, an internationally renowned mark of quality.