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Tender Request

Methods of submitting a tender request:

1) E-mail your tender to (We can process most file types.)
2) Fax your tender to 01604 648241

If you have any queries please contact us online, by phone or e-mail.

Park Scientific supplies chemicals in two standard grades:
A.R. Grade: Analytical Reagent
G.L.R. Grade: General Laboratory Reagent


Park Scientific also supply other grades, especially very-high purity grades, please specify your requirements on your tender and we will endeavour to match these. To learn more about grades offered by Park Scientific CLICK HERE


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Park Scientific are a highly experienced chemical supplier. We regularly quote for bespoke tenders which contain many different products. We can also supply requirements for large quantities of individual products and products packed in bulk quantities. Park Scientific can also offer their expert knowledge to advise on the best method of transportation and delivery. Park Scientific can help you with any chemical requirement, please send us your enquiries now.

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