Peel-A-Way® Embedding Mold (Truncated – T8)

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Disposable paraffin molds designed to “Peel-A-Way” from the solidified embedded block.

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Disposable paraffin molds designed to “Peel-A-Way” from the solidified embedded block.

Polysciences’ Peel-A-Way® Embedding Molds are useful for plastic, frozen, and epoxy embedding. The unique polyethylene construction is designed to “Peel-A-Way” from the solidified block, eliminating the need for release agents and block trimming.

  • Easy to use and saves time – Unique design will “Peel-A-Way” from a solidified embedded block
  • Versatile – Can be used with Polyfreeze, JB-4, GMA, MMA and epoxy
  • Especially Useful – For frozen tissue where defrosting during transfer to cryostat is an issue

Specifications: Polyethylene, 22mm x 22mm square, truncated to 8mm. 20mm deep



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