Persist Solvent Gel Kit™

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Persist Solvent Gels have ideal properties for professional art cleaners.

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Persist Solvent Gels have ideal properties for professional art cleaners.

  • Clean aged, discolored and soiled varnish
  • 6 gels, with a range of polarities
  • No mixing, formulating or chemical handling required
  • Gel form increases the working time for coating removal
  • Available as single 100 mL jars, Standard Kits, Mix & Match Kits or in bulk quantities

Standard Kit Contains: 100ml each of the following.

  • PolySol™ D60 Gel (Cat. #25675-100)
  • Xylene Gel (Cat. #25676-100)
  • Benzyl Alcohol Gel (Cat. #25677-100)
  • Isopropanol Gel (Cat. #25678-100)
  • Acetone Gel (Cat. #25679-100)
  • NMP Gel (Cat. #25680-100)


Diacrylate: >95%

CAS#: 26570-48-9

Formula: H2C=CHCO(OCH2CH2)nO2CCH=CH2

Molecular Weight: MW of PEG Block= 1,000

Melting Point: 35-37 ºC

Inhibitor: ~1500 ppm MEHQ

Appearance: Off-white solid



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