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JB-4® is a water-soluble, 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA), more commonly known as “glycol methacrylate”, or GMA based, plastic resin kit intended for use in the preparation of embedded samples for high resolution light microscopy (HRLM). JB-4 embedded tissues yield semi-thin sections (0.5µ-2µ) with excellent morphological structure preservation than paraffin processed tissues. A water-soluble media, JB-4 does not require dehydration to absolute alcohol except for dense, bloody, or fatty tissue specimens. Clearing agents such as xylene and chloroform are not required. JB-4 is excellent for small non-decalcified bone specimens, routine stains, special stains, and histochemical staining.

JB-4 is the leading water-soluble plastic embedding kit for light microscopy that is widely used for research and clinical diagnosis. The polymerization of JB-4 is exothermic, which is easily controlled by polymerizing on ice or by using refrigeration at 4°C. Clear casts are obtained in 90 minutes or less. It has been successfully used in enzyme histochemistry, and auto-radiography.

JB-4® Embedding Kit Contains: 800ml Solution A (Monomer) ; 30ml Solution B (Accelerator) ; 12g Catalyst (Benzoyl Peroxide, Plasticized).

For immuno procedures we recommend the Osteo-Bed Bone Embedding Kit (Catalog #17734). JB-4 is not recommended for immuno procedures as the glycol methacrylate cannot be removed from the section and may block antigen sites for most antibody reactions.



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Oxidizer , Irritant , Skin sensitizer


Glove, chemical goggles & fume hood


Store at 4 degrees celsius

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